reating a More Comfortable Dining Room Interior

Dining Room or the dining room in a house is one central place. Apart from being a place to eat a family, often a variety of planning happening in this room. Even at home living a very limited extent, the interior design of this space as often transformed into a multifunctional space seating while watching tv and place the child make homework.

Interior design is a good dining room dining room which has a function in accordance with its primary purpose, which is eating well and can support other activities. Therefore, in laying out or designing the dining room, many of which need attention. The dining table can also be placed adjacent to the kitchen set to accelerate in the pantry for food preparation activities.

Along with the development of functions in interior design dining room, activity over the dining table can be optimized as a 'second family room' where family members can share stories and exchange ideas on the table, as the study of children and the 'small office' for parents when forced to bring their office work.

If you prefer eating activity is going well, without interruption, and time at the dinner table really be quality time, you can give sentuhandesain interior that makes dining room separated clearly with other rooms. You can put the dining room on a specific area or rnenggabungkannya with space whose activities support, for example putting in a kitchen dining room. If you like the activities of eating is thick with the feel of nature, you can put the dining room on the patio area overlooking the garden.

Arrangement of lights in the dining room can be arranged in such a way that can memberikancahaya enough to illuminate the activities conducted over the dinner table. Design chandelier above the dining table, dining room may be a sweetener.

Orientation Activities Eating

There are two types of design orientation that is usually done:

1. Centralized

Activities dining with centralized orientation is all that sitting around the dinner table with body position facing the center table. The pattern of the arrangement sits centrally create an atmosphere more intimate and warm as it allows two-way communication and a good visual contact among users.

2. Linear

Position eat lined where all users facing the same one direction. This pattern is suitable for application in small spaces and to create a casual atmosphere.

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