Han Sung Joo Video Scandal

Han Sung Joo Video Scandal Video scandal Korean artist Hun Sung Ju or Hun Sung Joo circulating since 4 December. The original video duration of more than 20.36 seconds, before reaching 4.16 minutes. Circulation of the video scandal is similar to the former Miss Korea, suspected that the woman's face (the perpetrator) in the video it did look like Sung Joo. Must still uncertain and only a conjecture, but the circulation of the video has already spread wide world of entertainment at once stir in South Korea.

When viewed video scandal is not as beautiful as Han Sung Joo, like the character played by Han Sung Ju, when she played a few movies as well as the best stuntman in Korea since 1996 ago. In fact, exciting video that could be busy on 4 December, it became a public concern because of uploaded on someone's personal blog site, according to Mr. Mouse is a close friend, so so far so quickly accessible.

Who is this close friend? Apparently, there are three ex-boyfriend allegedly 'the successor Asia Carrera' this. However, responding to these allegations, the three former Han Sung Joo, precisely denied this rumor. Is it just limited to refute, or otherwise, quietly, Korean police have started investigating who was behind the circulation of the perpetrators of this scandal video.

Currently there is no confirmation of a former Miss Korea pageant Hun Sung-ju. There's even a judging scandal actress in the video is indeed very similar to women in the recording scene video scandal Hun Sung Ju it.

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