Ramgen Revilla & Janelle Manahan Download Videos Scandal

Ramgen Revilla & Janelle Manahan Download Videos Scandal, Youtube videos and Bittorrent UNCENSORED. This couple so video quickly spread, began creeping into Facebook and Youtube.

Another video scandal was uploaded online, this time via Facebook. It was tagged as the Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan Scandal. They were on the bathroom doing it. The said video was deleted around 10: 30pm on Thursday, December 29, 2011. Either the "uploader" deleted it him/herself or Facebook took it down due to its content. Copies of the video have surely made it to people's hard-drives and to several websites already, so as they say the damage has been done.

There had been different reactions regarding this video, most people were afraid to watch it because the audio was too loud and contained some haunting sounds, Others are having problems, only hearing sounds with no video output only grey screen.

The biggest question amongst "commenters" was who could upload such a video? A lot of people in forums and blogs speculate that a person close to him did it. Some say this video is being used against Janelle Manahan.

Ramgen Revilla was brutally murdered on October 2011 while girlfriend Janelle Manahan was also shot twice but survived the attack. The only other eyewitness and is charged in connection with the attack, Ramona Bautista, fled to Turkey but is now at-large somewhere else.

Ramgen Revilla & Janelle Manahan Download Videos Scandal

Sen. Bong Revilla, Ramgen's half-brother, is asking the National Bureau of Investigation to help identify and prosecute the perpetrators behind the online uploading of the video.

"Sobrang pambababoy ang ginagawa nila sa kapatid ko. Karumal-dumal na nga ang pagkamatay ni Ramgen, sinisira pa nila ang pagkatao, " Revilla said in a statement. "Mas grabe pa ang pambababoy na ginagawa nila kay Janelle. Grabe na ang kanyang pinagdaanan, at pilit pa nilang niyuyurakan ang pagkababae nito ngayon, " he added.

Revilla asked the NBI to conduct an investigation and arrest the culprits and prosecute them under the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009 (RA 9995), which punishes the unauthorized and unconsented publication and uploading of videos. Revilla is a co-author of the law.Ramgen Revilla & Janelle Manahan Download Videos Scandal The senator said every person who downloads, copies and sends the video is guilty of violating the law, regardless if they were the original uploaders.

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